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Why Women Lose their Sex Drive

There are many reasons why your wife, girlfriend or lover has lost her libido or desire for sex. And it is very unlikely that it is attributed to you; before you start blaming yourself as the cause.

In older women the main cause for a decrease in libido are the symptoms of menopause, such as the changing hormonal balance. In younger women this hormonal imbalance can be caused by a variety of reasons; such as stress, worries, feelings of unattractiveness and more commonly the menstrual cycle. Even before and after pregnancy women lose their desire for sex, which is of course the natural motherly instinct coming into play.

The menstrual cycle affects women in different ways, in most it causes a disinterest for physical contact for the obvious reason that this is not a pleasant time for her. During this period, you must show consideration and give her freedom of space. However, at the same it is important to show her your affection in delicate and subtle ways, such as a gentle caress of her cheek or a supportive gentle kiss; this shows you care and that she is on your mind.

One of the main factors causing a decreased libido is worry, stress anxiety, depression and insecurity which can lead to a further hormonal imbalance. In severe cases, anti-depressive medication may be needed which has a known adverse side-affect, of subduing sexual arousal and reducing libido.

How To Re-Light Her Fire

Do not pressure her into sex, this will only antagonize her, and will make things worse; regrettable things are often expressed during these heated moments,resulting in the additional negative effect of pushing her libido even further down. And as you know, arguments are a sure way to extinguish the slightest flame of desire.

The best way to re-kindle her passion and arouse her lust for sex is to give her support, love, affection, understanding and empathy. Tell her how attractive she is. Tell her your innermost desires and passions; women appreciate being noticed and cared about. This will start to fuel her lustful feelings. But, you have to be sincere with what you say and do. Pretending just to get a leg-over, is a recipe for relationship disaster.

Another excellent way to inflame her desires, is by her using natural libido and climax enhancers. These are healthy, safe, and give no side effects; unlike their prescribed libido enhancing drug counterparts.

Try getting her one as a saucy present; deep within she will be silently praising your initiative; outwardly she may express her doubts.

However, one thing is for sure, she will have a burning curiosity, wondering if it does exactly what it says.

I can guarantee that she will not be able to resist the temptation of trying it – because for her there is nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

So when that day arrives, when she suddenly bursts through the kitchen doors expressing a sexual desire that you have not seen before. You will know that her curiosity finally got the better of her…


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