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SizeGenetics Review: Best Penis Extender Device

SizeGenetics is what is refered to as a “traction device”, meaning the penis is held under some amount of strain. This is used to elongate and straighten out the penis. Male Enhancement ExtenderSizeGenetics ReviewSizeGenetics

The concept is simple- when stressed, the penis can adjust and elongate to aleviate the stress. In doing so the penis become larger and straighter. For more information read How traction devices work. For maximum results, the device should be worn every day and supplemented with exercises and a program. This is where SizeGenetics rises to the top of the pile.

Why SizeGenetics?

In order to make wearing the device a part of a daily routine, it must be easy to use and comfortable to wear. This is the most important aspect to condider when choosing any enlargement device. If you don’t wear it, you won’t see results. If it’s not comfortable, you will not wear it. SizeGenetics used a 16 way comfort fit. What this means is there are several different materials and ways to wear the device for maximum comfort.

The device itself is slim and discreet, allowing for the user to wear it under slacks, if he desires. In addition SizeGenetics carries a 6 month money-back guarantee. If no results are seen, the order is refunded.

SizeGenetics offers after-sale support

After purchasing the device, you have access to a support staff available to answer any questions about the use of your device. No question is too small. In addition, members have access to support forums online that share experiences, tips, and helpful info. Thousands of members are currently active to help you on your way.

Discreet Packaging and Box

Both the shipping container and Locking storage box are discreet so there is no need to be concerned about anyone else knowing. Your credit card charge will show Permenda or SizeGenetics, nothing explicit.

SizeGenetics has been backed by medical doctors

SizeGenetics is one of the few devices to actually be backed by medical professionals. The devices itself carries a Medical Type 1 Device certification. This ensures that it has been made with materials of very high quality and is deemed to be safe.


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