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How to Give a Female an Orgasm

Over the course of mankind many attempts have been made to understand just how one goes about pleasing a woman in bed. There have been many failures but certain strides toward this higher knowledge have been made. Pleasing a woman is no small feat and certainly no task for the faint of heart but it can be done.

Women fake orgasms. That is a fact. It is also a challenge because giving pleasure to a woman in bed is a thrill that most men crave for. Anything worth having is hard work but the end results are always worth it. Keep these three rules in mind when you find yourself face to face with this sweet challenge.

Rule #1
Make it abundantly clear to your woman that she is not just physically wanted but cherished and loved as well. Be vocal with your praise and show her with actions just how much she means to you. Compliment her often and really listen to her when she talks.

Rule #2
Don’t just have sex; make love. Take the time to incorporate a lot of snuggling and touching into your sex routine. Foreplay is essential to for women to enjoy sexual intimacy. Touch her everywhere. Massage her, kiss her and ask her what she likes.

Rule #3
Build up your endurance to last longer in bed. On average it takes a woman twenty minutes to climax. The longer you can last the better the experience for both of you. She will have time to find her own release and yours will be more intense.

Sex should be a mutually satisfying experience. Find out what she likes and what makes her the most aroused. In the end it will serve you better. Love is a rollercoaster; strap yourself in and enjoy it.


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